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USAA is difficult to beat by cheap car insurance, but you need a connection with the military to qualify for coverage. For that reason, we maintained the USAA rates for the sake of comparison, but we omit the company of most of our analysis of cheaper car insurance providers. USA Win the best qualifications of your customers, and has the lowest annual rates for drivers with a clean driving history or poor credit history. USAA also has lower car insurance premiums if you have a ticket for excess speed or an accident in your handling record.

Geico is the cheapest car insurance company that we find for good drivers who have a clean driving history, but lack a military affiliation. If your credit rating needs work, Geico also offers cheaper car insurance than most suppliers of our study.

State Farm is an excellent option if you need affordable car insurance, but you have a driving history less than perfect. Our study found that the state farm has the lowest average cost of automobile insurance after a DUI. Your rates are also among the most affordable if you have a ticket for speed or an accident in your registration.

Although USAA has the cheapest rates for good drivers, Geico is the best option for most consumers due to ESAIA membership requirements.

The annual rate of $ 1,100 of Geico represents a saving of approximately 17% compared to the national average of $ 1,321. Geico is also one of the best insurance companies in our ranking, with excellent criticisms from the real clients of Geico.

Being a safe controller and keeping a clean record is essential to get cheap car insurance. Good drivers are less likely to file a claim, so insurance companies offer lower rates than those available for drivers with acceleration tickets or crashes in their driving history.

Cheap car insurance for new drivers: Farm and geico state

State Farm and Geico are two of the best car insurance companies in our ranking, with excellent clients' comments in terms of service and satisfaction of claims. These two companies also offer the best rates for young drivers.

Our study shows that in general, the rates of the 17-year females will be lower than rates for men in the same age group.

The state farm comes with an annual rate of $ 2,986 for women at this age, with geico of about $ 3,111. That is a savings of 34% with the state farm compared to the national average. When it comes to males, Geico has the cheapest rate, $ 3,414, which saves 34% compared to the national average. State Farm is the next cheapest, at $ 3,661.

Cheap car insurance for Senior drivers: Geico

Automobile insurance rates tend to be much less expensive for older drivers than younger drivers. Our study shows that Geico is the most cheapest insurance company for women and men 60, with average annual rates of $ 1.004 and $ 1,036, respectively.

These rates represent savings of 4% and 12%, respectively, compared to national averages for these groups. It is worth noting that State Farm is a second closure for cheaper rates for superior drivers, especially for men, with a study rate that is only a couple of dollars more than geico.

Cheap car insurance after a ticket for speed: Farm State

Avoiding speed violations is the best way to get cheap automobile insurance rates, but if it's too late for that, try the state farm.

This company has an average rate of $ 1,299 per year for drivers with a speed ticket, which will save you by 19% compared to the national average. Based on our study data, the average rate for drivers with a single speed of speed is $ 1,603. That is an increase of approximately 21% compared to drivers who have a clean record.

Cheap car insurance after an accident: Farm State

State Farm is a good choice for drivers with an accident in its registration, with an average annual rate of $ 1,405, or approximately 25% less than the national average for this group.

After an accident, our study shows the average rate among the main car insurance companies is $ 1,872. This rate is approximately 42% higher than the average rate for controllers with a clean record.

Cheap car insurance after a DUI: State Farm

This is the rare instance in which USAZA is not the cheapest company for a particular group of drivers, so State Farm takes this free and clear category.

Getting a DUI is almost the worst you can do if you want to keep the premiums of your car insurance. Our analysis found that the average annual rate of $ 2,111 represents a typical increase of approximately 60% compared to the controllers that have a clean record.


According to our study, the auto insurance rate of the national average representative is $ 1,321 per year. That amount is based on data from nine of the largest car insurance companies in the country. That said, it is not possible to say exactly what car insurance will cost you since insurers set the rates using a wide range of custom data.

Of the nine companies in our studio, USAA, Geico, State Farm, Travelers and Nationwide have average rates that are cheaper than the general general average. Four car insurance providers have average rates that are more expensive than the general national average. These include the progressive family, American, farmers and Allstate.

We did an exhaustive analysis of car insurance rates for drivers across the country to find cheaper insurers in each state. The rates shown here are a simple average taken from the profiles of the representative driver, so its rates will differ. It is important to bear in mind that our data may not include all States that each company operate, and that their insurance premiums can vary depending on the state. Even within the same state, you may find that rates change in different postal codes.
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